Quinton Youth for Christ
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What we do

Based out of The Coffee Shop on Castle Road West, we seek to support the young people of Quinton through working with the local schools, providing after school provision and working with the local churches.


By meeting up regularly with pupils from the high school we aim to support them whatever their needs. By meeting individually or in pairs for short or long periods of time, we support the students in raising their self worth and aspirations as well as providing someone they feel they can talk to.

DROP ZONE: After School Drop-in

The after schools café drop-in runs weekly on Mondays and Thursdays 3.15-5pm for year 6-8 pupils. The club is open to those who live or school in Quinton and each week costs 50p. With tuck shop, Nintendo Wii, XBox, table tennis, trivolle, group games and more.


Is a community based project that aims to empower young people to serve and make a difference in their local community. Taking young people from the various different churches in Quinton, they engage in social action, visiting different community groups, and helping them explore the Christian faith.


Is is a lunch time club designed for year 6 pupils of the local primary schools to prepare them for secondary school. We use Christian teaching to help them to engage with challenges that they may face in the future.


Contact is made with the local churches and work is done to support them in their working with young people.


QYFC works in partnership with the local schools, city council, youth service, extended schools, neighbourhood police team, local churches, national Youth for Christ, other youth provision providers and more. By attending various meetings each month where these different partners come together, QYFC seeks to work in collaboration with these different agencies.



With a lot of the work we do, we see a number of young people in different contexts. This allows us to build positive relationships with the young people and support them in various ways. It alsomeans that they can share the work with their friends so they can be supported too.


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